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The Scholastic Art Awards is a program that praises the fine work of area schools and students. Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Greater Cincinnati Schools have a long history of artistic achievement. Many area students have won Scholastic Awards and many have won scholarships through this program. Special thanks to Summerfair Cincinnati for being a major sponsor.
As with other organizations, there are expenses. Last year, the local organization published a program, ARTICKLE, listing all the awarded students, teachers and schools. ARTICKLE also published numerous photos of the winning art, which were sent to New York for the National Competition. ARTICKLE was very well received by Students, Teachers and Parents.
This year we are hoping to sell some advertising space in the ARTICKLE to help off set some of the expenses associated with organizing the project, publishing the ARTICKLE, sponsoring the exhibit and shipping the winning pieces to New York. For the PDF, click here.

For over fifteen years, Architecture by Children (ABC), a program sponsored by American Institute of Architects and the Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati, has given students in grades K-12 the opportunity to learn about the field directly from local designers and architects. Through this free program, students can develop an understanding of "the value of the role of the architect and how what architects do affects all our lives through the design and development of our shared environment." All works are exhibited at the main branch of the Libraries of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Following that exhibit the winning works are exhibited at Art Machine in the MarX Gallery. When designs allow, works are recreated in nearly life-size forms so that visitors can physically interact with them. Architecture By Children is run by architect Zoe Hardy who is also a board member of Art Machine, Inc.

The Betty Brothers Memorial Mudpie Marathon is an annual event that was created in October 2007 during the Enjoy the Arts 20/20 event. The Mudpie Marathon is dedicated to the memory of Betty Brothers who was a longtime resident of Covington, Kentucky, ceramicist and art educator. Betty was a great mentor and helped me with the Scholastic Art Awards, for which she extended her adjudicating expertise. I think Betty would be very happy that the Mudpie Marathon was created so that young artists from all over the region could participate in a fun event focused on throwing clay. The work created from this event will be sold to create pottery-making-opportunities for children in schools that do not have ceramic facilities. The event will take place at Funke's Fire Arts in Hyde Park on the second Friday of March. If you and your students are interested in being a part of the next Mudpie Marathon or you would like more information, please contact Jennifer Baldwin @ 859.261.2530 or jbucalobaldwin55@gmail.com.